Jerry Falwell Jr. Out At Liberty University After ‘Salacious’ Allegations

by Jack T. Wilder
Jerry Falwell Jr. Out At Liberty University After ‘Salacious’ Allegations

It has not been a good month for Jerry Falwell Jr. and things aren’t getting any better.

Trustees at Liberty University accepted his resignation today according to an ABC-TV affiliate.

Jerry Jr. is the son of Liberty U. founder Jerry Falwell. He and his wife are embroiled in salacious sex allegations involving a Florida pool boy. The news is making waves across uncomfortable evangelical communities.

Earlier this month Falwell Jr. took a leave of absence for a racy party photo. However, today’s action makes it permanent. New president Jerry Prevo took over immediately upon Falwell’s resignation.

Wife’s Affair With Pool Boy Turns Into ‘Extortion’

On Sunday, Falwell revealed to the world that his wife Becki had an affair with Florida pool boy Giancarlo Granda around 2012. However, Falwell Jr. claims that he himself was not involved.

Falwell alleges that he and his wife were victims of attempted extortion by pool boy Granda.

However Granda shot back that Falwell knew of the affair and that Jerry watched the two have sex. Multiple times. Granda claimed that the affair with Becki was consensual and lasted several years. He denied any extortion accusations.

Explosive New Reports

In a new report with Reuters this week, Granda said he “developed an intimate relationship” with Becki after the two met in Miami in 2012.

Granda says he joined the Falwells “multiple times per year” over the next 6 years at different hotels as well as their home in Virginia. Granda says he and Becki would engage in sex while “Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room.”

Jerry Jr became president of the Virginia conservative Christian school after his father, televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr., died in 2007. He will apparently receive his full severance as stipulated by his contract, the board said in a statement.

The conservative Lynchburg, Va. university is one of the largest evangelical Christian universities in the world.

The Twitter Universe is not amused.