Jesse Ventura Goes Off on People Who Don’t Wear Masks

by Chris Haney

On Monday, former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura shared a harsh message for people who refuse to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ventura posted a series of messages on Twitter criticizing those who won’t comply with wearing face coverings in public. The former governor had some stern words for Americans, saying the country today would not survive WWII. He says Americans today don’t even have the “guts” to comply with face masks, much less make the sacrifices the country needed in WWII.

“I don’t believe this country today could’ve survived in WWII,” Ventura tweeted. “Back then, when my mother and father served in the war, we as Americans had to make legitimate sacrifices for the war effort to defeat Hitler. I don’t think this country has the guts to do that today.”

The former wrestler referenced his mother’s longtime career as a medical professional who wore a mask all the time. Additionally, he said many Americans whine about face-coverings, and won’t even wear them to save their life or others.

“No one can wear a mask without b—-ing about it,” Ventura continued. “A mask! My mom wore a mask 40 hours a week, nearly every day of her life, because she worked in surgery in a hospital. And yet we can’t even put them on to save ourselves.”

Ventura concludes his brutal criticism with a scathing prediction. He says if the current generation lived during WWII, Hitler and his allies would have won the war.

“Had the generation that lives today been around during WWII, Hitler would’ve won,” Ventura said emphatically. “I’m stating that unequivocally because the people of the United States today won’t sacrifice like they should. Not even to save ourselves.”

Ventura Goes on Face Mask Rant, Again

Similar to the former governor’s Twitter messages, Ventura shared parallel remarks two weeks ago, which Fox 7 in Austin, TX reported. He slammed non-mask wearers and once again referenced WWII saying Hitler would have won.

“The country sacrificed in WWII. Do you think there would have been any argument over wearing a mask for the people of WWII? I’ll tell you if we behaved like we are right now, Hitler would have won,” Ventura said. “He’d a won because this country won’t face any type of – they don’t want to sacrifice.”

Ventura made his remarks at an event while endorsing third-party presidential candidate Brock Pierce in Minnesota. The wrestler even went as far as calling out President Donald Trump for being part of the problem since he rarely wears a mask.

“What is wearing a mask? That is nothing to do, for it to be required to do that and yet we have half the country won’t put it on because they got egos,” said Ventura. “We got a president that won’t wear one and even gets sick and he still won’t wear one. I’m just glad that this generation wasn’t around when my mom and dad fought in WWII because we would have lost had we had the same type of response that we’re having today to the simple things of sacrifice a little bit for the common good.”

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