Jet Avoids Crashing After Running into Bird Flock, Covered with Carcasses in Horrifying Landing

by Evan Reier
Photo by Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Most of us have experienced a harrowing flight experience, but few folks can relate to the experience of their plane hitting a bird flock.

A Ryanair jet made an unfortunate collision with a large heron flock as it was preparing to land. The flight left from London and made its way to Bologna, Italy without any issues until the very end. According to The Sun, the plane collided with the bird flock just before it touched down.

Photos then began circling of the aftermath, and they are brutal.

Here’s a content warning for these gory images, seen below.

The translated tweet reads:

“Accident B737-800 9H-QDG; 24.11.2021 at Bologna; flight Ryanair FR1194 (op. by Malta Air) from London Stansted/STN to Bologna/BLQ. During approach collision occurred with several of herons. Were damaged nose, windshield, wings. The right engine ingested birds (photo Dr.B.Baron)”

Per the report, the Boeing 737’s right engine vacuumed the bird flock into it. You can imagine what happened from there. Further, the reports say the engine caught fire, causing a whole new level of horror.

However, the plane was able to land safely without any major issues. But not before a gory experience getting to Bologna.

Bird Flock Strike Causes Problems Stateside

One aspect of flying that you can’t work around is cramped spaces. Another is the fact that there’s other stuff in the sky. We don’t mean a UFO, obviously, we’re talking birds.

In October, one of the more notable bird-based accidents of the past year happened as a Spirit Airlines caught a bird in its engine. The flight was prepared to head to Fort Lauderdale, FL from Atlantic City, New Jersey when the accident happened.

Like the Ryanair flight above, the engine then caught fire in a scary moment that was filmed by passengers. Watch below:

As one might guess, the flight didn’t take off. Fortunately for the passengers, the airline refunded all customers and helped many get on a flight later that night. Unfortunately for the bird, there was not much to be done at that point.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy even recognized the freak occurrence, speaking on the accident through social media.

“We’re closely monitoring an aircraft incident that happened tonight at @ACYAirport,” Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted that evening. “All passengers and crew were successfully evacuated off the plane, and no serious injuries reported. The airport has reopened.”

The response from the firefighters on the scene took quite a while. The accident happened at 5:55 p.m. ET, and firefighters were reportedly still fighting the fire at 8:30 that night.