JetBlue Passengers Left Stranded on Plane After Gate Crew Goes Home for the Night

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Passengers on a JetBlue airplane were reportedly stranded after the Worcester Airport gate crew went home last Monday (March 14th). One of the JetBlue passengers revealed to WCVB 5 in Boston that she traveled to New York City on business last weekend and said she had experienced several issues with her flights to and from Worcester. She came to the conclusion that the problems appear to be the lack of airline staffing. This is an issue that JetBlue experienced earlier this year, which caused several hundred flight delays and cancellations.

What We Know

  • Jetblue passengers were stranded for nearly an hour due to the airline not having any ground crew to deplane.
  • Massachusetts State Police were involved and were in the process of evacuating JetBlue passengers.
  • JetBlue issued a statement saying it will investigate the incident.

The media outlet reports that flight records show JetBlue Flight 676 left New York City’s JFK Airport close to 35 minutes later than originally planned. The plane notably landed at the small airport around 12:15 a.m. However, it did not actually park at the game around 1 a.m. 

The JetBlue passenger recalled more details about the flight. “It was silence. Then the pilot said, ‘ I have something embarrassing to tell you guys. There is nobody to get you off the flight. They had no staff available to get us off the airplane!”

The JetBlue passenger went on to explain that state police actually got involved and were planning to evacuate everyone on board. But eventually, they were able to get hold of the JetBlue manager and have him drive from his home to the airport to get everyone off the plane. 

JetBlue Officials Are Investigating What Happened at the Worcester Airport

WCVB further reports that JetBlue officials have issued a statement about what happened at the Worcester Airport. “We are working with our business partner who operates our ground team in Worcester to determine why a crew member was not in place at the jet bridge to ensure this remains an isolated incident.”

JetBlue also stated that passengers o Flight 676 were required to wait 45 minutes to deplane after landing. “While we comply with all DOT regulations in the event of a tarmac delay, we know any delay is a frustrating situation. And apologize for the wait.”

However, the JetBlue passenger stated it wasn’t the first time that the airline struggled with delays. She noted that she was delayed five hours on her flight to New York City days before. This was due to the airline not having a flight attendant available. 

Flight records further show that the Sunday morning JetBlue flight that was scheduled to leave Worcester around 7 a.m. didn’t get off the ground until just before noon. However, a spokesperson said that delay was partially weather-related.