Jetpack Aviation Introduces the Flying Motorcycle You Always Dreamed About

by Clayton Edwards

Science fiction from the past promised us flying cars and robot maids by the time the year 2000 came around. However, we’re in 2021 and we have Roombas, robot dogs, and several prototype flying vehicles. Currently, no flying cars exist on the market. But, one company promises a flying motorcycle by 2023.

Jetpack Aviation introduced its flying motorcycle, the Speeder, back in 2019. It’s currently in the prototype stage, but might be ready for purchase in the coming years. In fact, DesignBoom reported that the Speeder will be ready for the public in 2023.

Originally, Jetpack Aviation designed their flying motorcycle for military and emergency services. Its high speed, compact design, and vertical takeoff and landing technology make it great for search and rescue applications. However, they’ve decided to make a version of the vehicle available to the general public. Check out the promotional video for the Speeder below.

Jetpack Aviation says that their flying vehicle is lighter than a 125cc motorcycle. Furthermore, it’s fully stabilized which will make it easier to fly. In fact, those who purchase the Ultra-light recreational version don’t need a pilot’s license to fly it. They’ll get some training from Jetpack Aviation or from an authorized training facility. The Ultra Light Speeder will carry five gallons of fuel and travel at speeds up to 60 mph.  However, the bigger, faster Experimental version of the Speeder will require a personal pilot’s license. This one will have no fuel limitation and can reach speeds of about 150 mph.

Don’t Get Too Excited About the Flying Motorcycle

If this flying motorcycle sounds too good to be true. It probably is. If you visit the page to preorder the Speeder, you’ll notice that it was last updated in February of 2019. Additionally, the company says it will only make 20 recreational Speeders. The rest of their production will be focused on military and government applications. On the bright side, you can pre-order one right now for $380,000.

Furthermore, there are no actual photographs of the flying motorcycle on the website. The only thing you’ll see are computer-generated images of the Speeder. However, none are more impressive than the CGI used to create the above promotional video. So, even if you’re able to pony up the $380,000, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your Speeder within the next three years.

However, Jetpack Aviation has developed a working jetpack. Their JB10 model can keep you off the ground for a maximum of eight minutes. The flying machine runs on either diesel or kerosene. Check out the video below to see a successful test flight over the ocean in Monaco. The jetpacks seem to be available for purchase now, but the price isn’t listed on their site.