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Jill Biden Goes Viral For Helping Joe Biden Socially-Distance During an Interview with Press

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Jill Biden made sure her husband Joe Biden practiced social distancing during an interview. While Joe talked with the press at the airport, Jill grabbed him by the arm from behind to create more distance between them. Now the moment went viral online.

“I’m sorry,” Joe said to the press and his wife. Joe, along with Jill and the reporters, all wore face masks.

Jill Biden went viral online after the exchange.

Twitter users praised Jill’s action for keeping Joe six feet apart from reporters. One user wrote, “Dr. Jill Biden just pulled Joe back a few feet when press got too close. Good! Keep him safe!”

Another user wrote, “Wait. A First Lady who cares about her husband? Huh. Imagine that.Make America Loving Again.”

The Bidens test negative for COVID-19.

After President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19, Joe and Jill Biden tested for the virus on Oct. 2. The results were negative.

Joe Biden and Trump joined each other on stage for almost two hours during the Sept. 29 presidential debate. Neither the candidates nor moderator Chris Wallace wore masks during the debate. Organizers positioned Trump’s and Biden’s podiums eight feet apart.

“Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden underwent PCR testing for COVID-19 today and COVID-19 was not detected,” Dr. Kevin O’Connor said. “I am reporting this out in my capacity as both Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden’s primary care physician.”

In light of Trump’s diagnosis, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon sent an email to their staff on Oct. 2. The email assured staff that the campaign was taking every health precaution to protect Biden, Harris, and their families.

After his diagnosis, aides and advisers took Trump to Walter Reed hospital, where doctors treated him for COVID-19. The hospital released Trump on Monday (Oct. 6) to finish his recovery at the White House.