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Jill Biden Reveals Pics of 2022 White House Christmas Decorations

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Now that we’ve gotten our fill of Thanksgiving turkey, Americans are digging out their holiday decorations in preparation for Christmas. That includes the United States’ first lady, Jill Biden. Taking to Twitter Monday, the wife of President Joe Biden shared festive photos of the White House’s Christmas decorations. Her image gallery captured the beauty of the holidays in heavily ornamented Christmas trees, wreaths, and more.

The first photos within the thread capture a massive Christmas tree done up in gold and blue ornaments. It also highlights a large wreath in blues and greens and an indoor grove of trees boasting gold banner-like ornaments. If you look closely, these display the names of each of the 50 U.S. states. In her caption, Jill Biden wrote, “For this year’s holidays at the White House, we hope to capture the spirit embodied in the very idea of America: We the People.”

She shared images of other Christmas decorations adorning the White House in another thread. One photo shows off a group of trees done up in patriotic red, white, and blue. Another tributes America’s children, with stockings lining one of the White House’s mantles and large books emblazoned with the words, “We the Children.”

Biden continued, “As our country gathers for the holidays, traditions may vary, but our shared American values — a belief in possibility, optimism, and unity — endure each season. Room by room, visitors will be reminded of what brings us together throughout the holidays, and throughout the year.”

Americans shared their admiration for the photos in the comments following Biden’s post.

“You created a beautiful winter wonderland,” one user commented. “These photos conjure feelings of peace, prosperity, and grace. Thank you, and happy holidays to you and your family.”

A second said, “Bless your heart for making decorative choices that reflect & embrace our diversity.”

Americans Relieved to See Traditional White House Christmas Decorations

The Christmas decorations that adorn the White House each year differ depending on the current administration. As an educator, it’s important that a large part of Jill Biden’s decor reflected America’s children. Further, in a time where many Americans are severely divided, her theme, “We the People,” packs serious social commentary. However, the classic beauty in the Christmas decorations adorning the White House now starkly differs from those during the Trump administration. After previewing the decor on Monday, some Americans began reflecting on the unconventional choices of former first lady, Melania Trump.

In November 2020, Melania Trump took to Instagram where she showcased the White House’s Christmas decorations that year. Photos show off trees adorned with red and white flowers and bows while a wreath boasts ornaments reading, “Be Best,” the name of one of the former first lady’s public-awareness campaigns.

However, others, flocking to the comments following Jill Biden’s tweet, reflected on Trump’s 2018 White House Christmas decor. Many Americans will recall the White House halls lined with bright red, perfectly triangular Christmas topiaries.

While admiring Biden’s 2022 decorative choices, one of the First Lady’s followers wrote, “This is gorgeous and exactly how this season is supposed to feel. If Melania was in, we’d likely have stark and depressing black and red trees.”