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Jim Belushi Reveals What Could Have Possibly Saved Brother John’s Life

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo Credit : Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

As Jim Belushi begins his TV series, “Growing Belushi,” he speaks up about his belief that cannabis could have saved his brother who passed in 1982. 

In a podcast with Alchemy, he said, “I believe what Dan Aykroyd says: ‘If John was a pothead he’d be alive today.” Akryoyd was John Belushi’s co-star in Blues Brothers.

The family farm posted his quote, paired with an image of John Belushi on their Instagram on July 26 :


The account then commented : “And that’s why Jim is so passionate about the healing power of cannabis, trauma, and the opioid epidemic.”

Continuing to emphasize his point in the podcast, Belushi said, “And we think the medicine could have really helped him with that CTE, that suffering.” He even went so far as to say it is one of his “purposes.”

He’s been quite successful in that purpose so far. Jim Belushi cites multiple people with CTE or PTSD who found help with his marijuana strains. In the same podcast, he spoke of a veteran he met at a dispensary. The man told Belushi with tear-filled eyes that the farm’s Black Diamond strain dramatically helped his nerves. 

In an Instagram video Tuesday, he firmly stated, “People need cannibis.”


The farm’s signature brands include, The Blues Brothers (a nod to his brother), Black Diamond, and Belushi’s Secret Stash. 

The new show, “Growing Belushi”, debuted last night, August 19, on Discovery.