Jimmy Buffett Highlights Old School Photos Alongside ‘Cuban Crime of Passion’ Lyrics

by Keeli Parkey

Jimmy Buffett is taking a walk down memory lane – all the way to Cuba.

The popular singer and songwriter shared photos of himself alongside lyrics from his song, Cuban Crime of Passion, via Twitter on Wednesday.

The song tells the story of Billy Voltaire, a singer who falls in love with the beautiful, Marita, “a dancer in from the coast.” Sadly, Marita cheats on Billy with Shrimper Dan. The betrayal drives Billy to murder in a “… Cuban crime of passion. Messy and old fashioned.”

The upbeat tempo of the song betrays its tragic end. “Well, they never found Marita. Some people say she got ill,” Jimmy Buffett sings. “And Billy Voltaire had no one to claim him. He was buried on pauper’s hill. And no one talks about ’em no more, it happened just a week ago. But people get by and people get high. In the tropics they come and they go.”

Cuban Crime of Passion was written by Jimmy Buffett and Tom Corcoran. It appears on Buffett’s 1973 album A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean. Also on the album are other popular Buffett tunes such as He Went to Paris, The Great Filling Station Holdup and Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Jimmy Buffett Highlighs Lesser-Known Songs

Jimmy Buffett is looking back on some of his favorite songs – ones maybe only die-hard fans will know – with the album Songs You Don’t Know By Heart. The album’s title is a play on the title of one of Buffett’s greatest hits albums – Songs You Know By Heart.

Buffett worked with his daughter, Delaney, to create the album. They also created a series of videos of him performing the lesser-known tunes. The album includes songs such as The Captain and the Kid, Death of an Unpopular Poet, Tin Cup Chalice, and Little Miss Magic.