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Joe Biden Has Name Mix-Up with Granddaughters, Says Son Beau Was a Senator

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

During a campaign stop in Philadelphia today, Presidential candidate Joe Biden committed another verbal slip-up. In one of his infrequent in-person stops, Biden incorrectly identified one of his grand-daughters. In the same speech, he incorrectly claimed his late son, Beau Biden, was a Senator.

“This is my son Beau Biden, who many of you helped elect to Senate,” the former Vice President said, attempting to introduce Beau’s daughter, Natalie. He then realized he stood next to his other grand-daughter, Finnegan Biden, who is the daughter of Hunter Biden. He corrected himself and continued.

This fumbled introduction contained two errors: the misidentification of his late son’s position, and the mix up of his grand-daughters. Although Beau Biden served as Delaware Attorney General from 2007 to 2015, he was never elected Senator. In a later speech in Philadelphia, Biden correctly identified his late son’s position.

Joe Biden Verbal Gaffes

The slip-up today in Philadelphia was one of several that have raised concern over Biden’s cognitive ability. He occasionally fumbles his words and mixes up names in key speeches. Last month, for instance, Biden forgot the name of Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Later, he mixed up the names of Donald Trump and George W. Bush at a digital fundraising event. President Trump has constantly used these instances as reasons to doubt Biden’s mental ability.

Biden has openly admitted to growing up with a stutter, which causes him to stumble on certain words. Most of his verbal gaffes could be attributed to that. With that said, Joe Biden’s age concerns many voters. Biden, who turns 78 this month, would be the oldest active President in United States history. President Trump, who is 74, has also used this as a point of criticism.

Biden’s Vice President candidate, Kamala Harris, would replace Biden if something were to happen. In this case, she would become the first female President of the United States. In a phone visit with Fox and Friends, President Trump claimed “it would be a terrible thing for this country, it would be a terrible thing for women,” if Harris were to take Biden’s place.