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Joe Biden Implores Americans to Drop ‘Rhetoric Designed to Demonize One Another’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

President-Elect Joe Biden urges Americans on both sides of the political spectrum to unify and come together. Continuing his theme of being a president for “all Americans,” Biden asks Democrats and Republicans to stop fighting each other.

In the tweet, Biden declared the election to be over. So far, President Donald Trump has refused to concede the election or to reportedly work with Biden on a transfer of power. Recently, the president said he would “never concede” and reinforced his stance on voter fraud. Trump believes the election was stolen from him, according to his Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, Biden has focused his social media efforts on trying to voice a message of unity across party lines. Biden wrote, “The election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another. We have to come together.”

In an earlier tweet, Biden reflected on themes present during Barrack Obama’s presidency. He promised, “I pledge to be president who seeks not to divide, but to unify. (And) who doesn’t see red and blue states, but a United States.”

“And who will work with all my heart to win the confidence of the whole people. “

Joe Biden Criticized Trump Supporters During the Election

Biden’s recent message of unity seemingly stands in contrast to comments he made during the presidential election. Things got heated between Trump and Biden, but also between Biden and Trump supporters. In October, Trump supporters protested a Biden rally in Pennsylvania. Their distraction irritated Biden, who responded by calling them “chumps.”

“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps with the microphone out there,” Biden said. “Look, that’s the job of the president. The duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

At another point during the election, Biden seemed to overlook a portion of the black community that supported his rival. Biden claimed any African Americans that voted for Trump “ain’t black.” Biden’s comment drew controversy at the time from Republicans and some black communities as being tone-deaf.