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Joe Biden, Mike Pence Elbow Bump at New York 9/11 Memorial

by Chris Haney
Photo by Amr Alfiky - Pool/Getty Images

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence shared an elbow bump Friday at the annual 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City.

Both of the politicians were seen wearing face masks as they greeted each other according to coronavirus pandemic protocols. The two briefly chatted at Ground Zero before the 19th annual commemoration began.

The friendly physical exchange was a slight pause in an otherwise intense campaign between President Donald Trump and Biden. Trump was not in attendance at the event.

In addition, Biden elbow bumped Pence’s wife, Karen Pence. Likewise, Biden’s wife Jill shared similar bumps with the Pences at the event. The Bidens, Pences, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other attendees at the memorial event all wore masks as a precaution.

The Annual 9/11 Memorial Commemoration

The annual 9/11 memorial ceremony is held at Ground Zero – where the World Trade Center’s iconic Twin Towers stood before they were destroyed by two hijacked planes 19 year ago.

“The 9/11 Memorial & Museum pays tribute to the victims and honors the survivors of the September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 terror attacks and observes the anniversary of the end of the 9/11 rescue and recovery efforts,” a statement on their website reads.

On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks killed a total of at least 2,977 people. The organized attacks by plane occurred in New York City, at the Pentagon in northern Virginia, and at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Flight 93, one of four planes hijacked that day by Islamic extremists, crashed to the ground in Shanksville. The majority of deaths occurred in New York, in the Financial District of lower Manhattan.

Biden was due to visit Shanksville for memorial events later on Friday. Trump traveled to the same location Friday morning to pay his respects on the anniversary. The two trips will not overlap.

Biden told reporters at the New York 9/11 memorial that he would not be discussing the campaign. In fact, he said he did not want to bring up politics, because of the nature of the day.

“Guys, I’m not gonna be making any news today. I’m not gonna talk about anything other than 9/11,” Biden said.