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Joe Biden Replies to Taylor Swift’s Support with One of Her Hit Lyrics

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift has chosen her presidential pick – and it seems the fondness goes both ways as Joe Biden busts out a Swifty tweet in response.

For a long time, politics were out of the question for Taylor Swift. The Nashville-based megastar stuck to entertainment, and entertainment only. In recent years, however, Swift has changed her tune. An increasingly polarized political climate has led her, along with many fellow celebrities, to begin speaking out.

And this week, Swift did just that by announcing her support for Joe Biden as her pick for the 2020 Presidential Election. In a tweet that announces both her support and a coinciding political interview, the star makes it clear she’s come a long way since her “zero politics” era:

Joe Biden is a Swifty: Responds to Taylor’s Tweet with her Lyrics

While endorsements like this may seem flippant to some, they can go a long way to sway the minds of voters. Particularly those of a younger age; the 18-ish voters who have yet to participate in an election.

Joe Biden, though, is proving that Swift’s appeal is multi-generational. Taking the opportunity to thank her for her support, Biden tweeted Swift back the same day – and did so with a classic lyric of hers:

That’s right – sharp fans will know immediately that his choice of words to button up his tweet – “ready for it?” – is hat tip worthy of any Swifty.

For those playing the home game, Biden is referencing Swift’s hit from her Reputation album, Ready for it. The track opens the album that swept charts and sales by storm – and Biden was there for it.

That, or he’s got some really sharp interns managing the Twitter.

Kamala Harris asks for Taylor Swift cookie recipe

Not only does the country & pop star mention Biden, but his VP pick, too. Her tweet hit as Senator Kamala Harris took to the debate stage with Vice President Mike Pence. She took the opportunity to show her support for Harris, as well:

Harris responded the same day, assuring Swift that “Voting never goes out of style. Thank you so much for your support, Taylor.”

Though, like most of Twitter, she seems particularly taken with those immaculate cookies. “P.S. Please share your cookie recipe,” the Senator follows.

Whether you plan to vote in line with Taylor Swift, or for the other side of the aisle – the time is upon us. Early voting has begun, and Election Day 2020 hits Tuesday, November 3rd.

Be sure to make your voice heard.

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