Joe Biden Speaks on NASA and SpaceX’s Successful Launch: ‘Godspeed on Their Journey’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Red Huber/Getty Images)

After SpaceX completed a successful launch of their rocket ship into space, Joe Biden shared his thoughts. The 77-year-old offered a quick congratulations to the astronauts and on SpaceX’s first launch.

This launch marks NASA’s first mission with astronauts aboard a non-NASA vessel. SpaceX sends four astronauts to the International Space Station onboard Crew Dragon Resilience.

This is a big day for the U.S. and NASA alike. A successful mission could see more future trips done by non-NASA outfits. Although this is just a routine trip to the ISS, the future looks bright for Elon Musk and SpaceX.

Shortly following the launch, the Crew Dragon separated from Falcon 9 en route to NASA’s International Space Station. Soon thereafter, with the crew and shuttle are safely on their way to the ISS, Biden shared his thoughts.

Biden says that this marks a monumental journey in history.

Biden says: “Congratulations to NASA and SpaceX on today’s launch. It’s a testament to the power of science and what we can accomplish by harnessing our innovation, ingenuity, and determination.”

Biden Encouraged By SpaceX Mission

Indeed a testament to the progression and ability of the science community. In particular, this is a huge day for the science circle in the space exploration category.

Biden continues, “I join all Americans and the people of Japan in wishing the astronauts Godspeed on their journey.”

Additionally, Biden wishes the astronauts a safe journey to the ISS. Moreover, Biden mentions the people of Japan are in his thoughts. This is due to Soichi Noguchi being one of the four astronauts on Crew Dragon.

The Japan Times also remarked on the importance of today.

“Three Americans — Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker — and Japan’s Soichi Noguchi blasted off at 7:27 pm from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida [Nov. 15], thus ending almost a decade of international reliance on Russia for rides on its Soyuz rockets.”

The President-elect is likely to re-invigorate the space program in some capacity. Yet again underscoring SpaceX’s monumental day.