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Joe Biden Staff Trolls Donald Trump With Fake COVID-19 Plan Website

by Quentin Blount
BRISTOL, PA - OCTOBER 24: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a drive-in campaign rally at Bucks County Community College on October 24, 2020 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Biden is making two campaign stops in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Saturday. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden made fun of President Trump’s plan to manage the COVID-19 pandemic with the release of a new website.

Following the final presidential debate between the two on Thursday night in Nashville, Biden tweeted that they have “finally found” President Trump’s plan to beat COVID-19.

“After eight months of this pandemic, we finally found President Trump’s plan to beat COVID-19,” Biden tweeted on Friday.

However, the website in the post — www.TrumpCovidPlan.com — forwards users to what appears to be an error message.

“Not Found,” the landing page reads. “The Trump plan to defeat the Coronavirus and reopen safely does not exist.” It then prompts the user to “learn more.”

The “learn more” button takes users to a handful of damning quotes from Trump. He has often downplayed the seriousness of the virus, which has now killed more than 220,000 people nationwide. The button shows a timeline spanning from January to October with quotes and tweets from Trump. In them, he says that the pandemic is “totally under control,” “will disappear” and “will go away.”

“Donald Trump has had eight months to use science, public health, and the power of the Presidency to reopen safely and save American lives,” the page reads. “But we are barely better equipped to manage the COVID-19 threat today than we were eight months ago.”

The bottom of the spoof website contains a link to the Joe Biden campaign website and his plan to “beat COVID-19.”

Further, Trump has been vocal about reopening schools and businesses amid the pandemic. He also claims that a vaccine will be available to the public soon.

“I am fighting to make sure we eradicate the virus, rebuild the economy and save our country from the radical left,” Trump said at a rally in October.