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Joe Biden Twists Ankle Playing With Dog, To Be Examined by Doctor

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Joe Biden twisted his ankle playing with his dog, Major. The accident occurred, Saturday. But Biden’s office did not release details until Sunday.

Here’s what we know. Biden’s office released a statement saying “out of an abundance of caution, (Biden) will be examined this afternoon by an orthopedist.”

The Washington Post reported that Biden visited the Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Del. Sunday afternoon.

Reporters could not see Biden getting out of his SUV.

Biden’s immediate family includes two German Shepherds, Major and Champ. Major is a rescue. When Biden is inaugurated, Jan. 20, Major will be the first rescue dog ever to live in the White House.

The Biden’s are proud dog lovers and like to post photos of them on social media.

They even incorporated their dogs as a reason to vote for Biden.

Trump Family Was First Not to Have Pets in White House In More Than a Century

Until President Donald Trump and his wife Melania moved in, there had been pets in the White House for more than a century. Trump never really explained why he never had a dog by his side until a rally in 2019. The Washington Post reported that Trump said the idea of getting a dog seems “phony” and that he didn’t have the time for a pet. He also said his base likes him with or without a dog.

The Bidens plan on expanding the family before inauguration. CBS News reported Friday that the president and first lady plan on adopting a cat.

Joe Biden and His Pets

Major is the youngest Biden dog. He’s two. The Bidens adopted him from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018.

Champ, 12, is the seasoned political veteran of a dog. He’s been to the White House before and spent his formative years at Number One Observatory Circle, the official residence of the Vice President.

The New York Times reported that the tradition of having a dog in the White House dates back to George Washington. Plus, 30 of 45 presidents have had one in the family while serving as the United States.

The Biden dogs even have their own Twitter page.