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Joe Biden ‘Will You Shut up Man?’ T-Shirts Sell Out in Under 24 Hours, Removed From Website

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Less than 24 hours later, the Joe Biden Campaign has sold out of “Will you shut up, man?” T-shirts. The shirts referenced a heated moment that went viral between Biden and Donald Trump during the first 2020 presidential debate. According to GQ, the campaign began selling the shirts before the debate was even over.

“I can confirm those shirts sold out,” a campaign spokesman told 1010 WINS. The T-shirts reportedly sold out in 18 hours. The listing has been removed from the campaign’s online store.

The black T-shirt had an image of Trump in the center with the phrase “Will you shut up, man”. The store sold the T-shirts for $30-33 depending on size. The campaign is also selling button pins and T-shirts with the message: “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump.”

The shirts referenced a viral moment between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

During the Sept. 29 debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Biden whether he would “end the filibuster” or support adding justices, also known as “packing the court” should he become president.

Biden refused to answer the question, urging the American people to vote. “Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue,” Biden said. Trump interrupted Biden, demanding that his opponent answer Wallace’s question. As a result, Biden snapped, “Will you just shut up, man?”

The moment went viral on social media, with some users predicting the presidential candidate would capitalize on the moment. One user wrote, “We all know there’s going to be “will you shut up man” t shirts tmrw on the biden website.” Several users also said they wanted a T-shirt with the phrase.

The Biden Campaign wasn’t the only ones to create merchandise based on the exchange. According to GQ, several Etsy stores are now selling a variety of products related to the debate. Lawn signs, mugs, face masks and T-shirts are among the many different items being sold.

Organizers have scheduled two more debates between the presidential candidates before the election in November. The next debate between them will be on Oct. 15.