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Joe Biden’s German Shepherds, Champ and Major, Get Own ‘First Dogs’ Twitter Page

by Jacklyn Krol
Win McNamee, Getty Images

Joe Biden welcomed his dogs Champ and Major to Twitter.

The Twitter Account

In a matter of just nineteen hours, the dogs gained over 100,000 followers on the social media platform. Fans can follow the dogs @First_Dogs_USA. You can find images of the dogs as puppies and on their adoption days as well as updated photos.

The doggos even congratulated their dad on his major victory. “We’re so proud of our dad @JoeBiden, the first ever presidential candidate to receive 75 million votes,” they wrote. “But Major will be setting a record of his own as he’s the first ever rescue pupper to live in the WH. We’re gonna play all day & receive countless treats!”


Joe Biden and His Pooches

Joe and Jill Biden first welcomed Champ into their home in 2008. They then welcomed Major into their family in November of 2018. Major will be the first rescue shelter dog in The White House. The German Shepherds became fast friends and are often seen at the couple’s sides.

Joe and Jill first fostered Major before officially adopting him from the Delaware Humane Association. “We are so happy to welcome Major to the Biden family, and we are grateful to the Delaware Humane Association for their work in finding forever homes for Major and countless other animals,” Joe and Jill said in a statement at the time.


Presidents and Their Dogs

Presidents have had their pet dogs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on countless occasions. Surprisingly, President Donald Trump did not have any dogs during his term, making him the first president to not have a pet since former President James K. Polk.

The first first-pets were with America’s first president, George Washington. He had at least seven dogs along with seven different other types of species including donkeys, horses, parrots, among other animals.