VIDEO: Joey Chestnut Remains the Greatest of All Time by Shoveling Down 33 Boneless Wings in 90 Seconds

by Madison Miller

Joey Chestnut is continuing to prove that he can eat away at the rest of the competition.

His title as the “Greatest of All Time” in terms of competitive eating is remaining unbreakable.

Joey Chestnut Just Wins

TMZ reported on a recent food challenge that went down on March 17 just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The event took place at the Infinite Energy Center.

The food-eating event was put on by the recently formed Fan Controlled Football league in their studio. It was also presented by Shane’s Rib Shack. Joey Chestnut managed to devour 30 boneless wings in only 90 seconds. To add to the impressiveness, Chestnut was going against some linemen from the league.

He came away with the win, but it was a close competition. The second-place eater ate 31 wings while the third-place contestant ate 28.

On his Instagram account, Joey Chestnut also shared an upcoming “Ultimate Chugging Showdown” that is set to happen sometime in March in Las Vegas, Nevada. If the event is still on, Chestnut will go up against Matt Stonie and Eric Booker.

Chestnut and Competitive Eating

It came as no surprise that Joey Chestnut walked away as the victor for the FCF event.

He has a long track record of success eating an obscene amount of food in one sitting. He is widely considered the greatest eater in history because he holds more competitive eating records than anyone else ever.

According to his official website, Chestnut actually has a degree in engineering and construction management. At one time, he was just a college kid eating absurd amounts of food when he went home to visit his family. His brother signed him up for his first competition at a casino to eat a massive amount of lobster in 2005. Now, he travels the world eating food for different companies and brands.

He got his first win in 2007 at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, New York. It is one of the most popular events in competitive eating. Since then, he has taken the crown 11 out of 12 years. In 2020, he set a world record on July 4 when he absolutely demolished 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

It’s hard to imagine Chestnut actually sitting down to enjoy a hot dog ever again. That is, until the next hot dog eating competition in a few months.

Joey Chestnut has world records for eating foods like apple pie, brain tacos, donuts, eggs, gumbo, gyoza, hamburgers, poutine, and twinkies.

According to CNBC, he has to prepare for the hot dog eating competition for three months straight. He usually eats just one big meal a day, which is usually a salad with some kind of protein on it. Chestnut also runs and does yoga consistently.

This helps him control his breathing while eating obscene amounts of food. He regularly is in contact with his doctor and even keeps a journal to track how the food impacts his body.