John Fogerty Will Always Cherish Recording Songs With His Children During ‘Such a Weird Year’

by Halle Ames

Singer John Fogerty said that while most suffered from a tough time due to the pandemic, he is thankful to spend it with his family making music.

When the coronavirus made the United States take a pause on regular life in March, John Fogerty said his wife suggested a morale boost for everyone. His wife, Julie, told him that he should perform his hit 1971 song, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”

“I just looked at her dumbfounded because I didn’t really think the world needed that,” said Fogerty in an interview with USA Today. “Why did they want me to sing that song again? There’s a million versions on YouTube. Her idea was, ‘I think this should be special because it’s a healing song and people would like to see that from you. After all, we’re in a really strange place.'”

Julie proved to always know best, with the song gaining more than two million views on YouTube. The song gave the 75-year-old artist an idea.

John Fogerty and His Musical Family

Fogerty will release the album “Fogerty’s Factory” tomorrow, which has 12 songs on it. The album will feature all of Fogerty’s most iconic songs but rerecorded with his three youngest children’s help and voices.

The children got their musical gene from their father, as 29-year-old Shane, 28-year-old Tyler, and 19-year-old Kelsy all accompany their father on his newest album.

“Here we are a family band, and it had really never occurred to me,” Fogerty said. “One day, we looked at each other and said, ‘We’re the Partridge Family!’ And we meant that in all the good ways that could be.”

Tyler and Shane are in a psych-rock band named Hearty Har and have even toured alongside their father. In addition, Kelsy plays guitar and recently took up the drums during the quarantine.

We would hate to be their neighbors during rehearsal time.

Although this year has been challenging for many, Fogerty says that he has been so thankful to spend it together with his family. Especially when they can all do what they love, make music.

“As a dad, I am so grateful that this little postcard from the pandemic is there. I will remember this for the rest of my life,” he says. “It’s such a weird year, but to get to have this wonderful memento together is very joyful to me. It’s very fulfilling to do it with your kids and watch them. I got to look at their faces, the way I sometimes watch the fans singing my songs. And of course, they’re singing and playing and recording along with me. It was just a wonderful time.”

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