John Fogerty Has an Interesting Theory on Why Donald Trump Uses ‘Fortunate Son’ at Rallies

by Jacklyn Krol

John Fogerty shared his theory regarding President Donald Trump’s use of “Fortunate Son” at his campaign rallies.

What John Fogerty Had to Say

Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s team sent Trump cease-and-desist letters to stop using their 1969 classic song. Trump has played the song while exiting his aircraft and getting on stage at numerous campaign rallies.

The song itself is about protesting the rich and powerful who use the poor people as their soldiers in the drafts. The song itself was written in the Vietnam-era to showcase the patriotic hypocrites.

“Some folks are born, made to wave the flag,” he sings in the song. “Oh, they’re red, white and blue / And when the band plays ‘Hail to the Chief’ / Ooh, they point the cannon at you.”

Fogerty gave the L.A. Times a theory as to why Trump uses and resonates with the song so much. “He’s in his helicopter, hovering over a big crowd. It’s like a scene out of all the Vietnam War movies, and maybe he sees that scene in his head, even if it’s completely cuckoo,“ he told the outlet.

What Does TikTok Have to Do With It?

Finally, Fogerty joined the popular video app, TikTok, to throw criticism at Trump. Fogerty’s granddaughter gave a history lesson around the meaning of the song.

“Today with school being online, I thought I would give a history lesson,” she began. “My grandpa wrote a song called ‘Fortunate Son.’ He was a veteran. It was about himself and others who were forced to go fight a war they did not support, yet around him were others of privilege and upper class who didn’t have to. My generation can’t let this happen again.” Fogerty rocks out to the song before the video concludes.

Watch the history lesson, below.

Furthermore, after Fogerty issued the cease and desist, he issued a statement on his social media accounts regarding the song. “I object to the President using my song, ‘Fortunate Son,’ in any way for his campaign,” he tweeted.