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John McAfee, Antivirus Software Creator, Found Dead in Spanish Prison Aged 75

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

John McAfee, the man famous for creating a famous antivirus software that bears his name, has passed away at the age of 75

According to a report by Reuters.com, McAfee hanged himself in his jail cell. His attorney confirmed his alleged suicide took place on Wednesday (June 23).

The software creator was being held in a Spanish prison at the time of his death.

His death reportedly occurred after he learned that the highest court in Spain decided to permit his extradition to the United States. This information came to light in a document released by the court.

John McAfee was facing charges in both New York and in Tennessee. In New York, he faced charges stemming from a cryptocurrency fraud case. In Tennessee, he was also facing charges of tax evasion.

According to CNBC.com, McAfee was arrested at an airport in Barcelona, Spain. His arrest took place in October 2020. His arrest stemmed from the federal charges out of Tennessee in March 2020. The charges alleged that John McAfee did not pay file tax returns during the period of 2014 through 2018.

It was the newspaper El Mundo that initially shared the news of McAfee’s death on Wednesday. The Spanish newspaper reportedly learned the information from the Catalan Justice Department. McAfee was held in a prison in Catalunya. This prison is Brians 2.

John McAfee Was Born in the United Kingdom, But Raised in Virginia

John McAfee reportedly became a millionaire through several types of work. He earned some of his money when he sold his life story for a documentary. He also reportedly made money from speaking opportunities, working as a consultant, and advocating for cryptocurrencies.

According to BusinessInsider.com, was raised in Roanoke, Virginia. McAfee was born in the United Kingdom. His parents decided to move to the United States when he was a child.

John McAfee’s father committed suicide when the young McAfee was only 15 years old. His first business was selling magazines door to door. By the late 1960s, McAfee had moved on from the magazine selling business to another venture. During this time he worked coding punch-card systems. It was on this job that he gained knowledge of computers.

From there, McAfee moved on to a position with the Missouri Pacific Railroad. And no, he wasn’t responsible for driving trains. His job was to use an IBM computer program to set the schedules for the company’s trains. It was during this time that McAfee started using “harder drugs.”

McAfee Started His Own Company in 1994

The next decade saw him working for different companies in Silicon Valley. It was during 1986 that he decided to create a company that would battle computer viruses. He was inspired to do so after reading about them. The company was a huge success. By the start of the 1990s, it was bringing in $5 million annually.

John McAfee left the company he created in 1994. He received approximately $100 million when he sold his shares of the company in 1996.

McAfee moved to Belize. His goal was to start working with a microbiologist to create antibiotics. However, his life in Belize did not go well. During 2012, he was a suspect in the death of his neighbor. He was eventually forced to return to the United States.