Jon Gruden, Derek Carr Reveal Insight on Viral ‘Fake Chatter’ Audible Calls: ‘It’s Been Fun’

by Josh Lanier

Jon Gruden didn’t create a play called purple walrus. Nor did he name one after his wife or Rihanna despite what you might hear Raiders quarterback yell out at the line of scrimmage. Those are all made up by quarterback Derek Carr. And Carr is having a lot of fun coming up with the “fake chatter.”

People on social media have been obsessed with some of Carr’s calls this season. He created a stir recently after he screamed out an audible to a play supposedly called “James Harden.” Or at least that’s what he wanted the defense to think.

“I don’t know where he comes up with some of this stuff,” Gruden said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “A lot of it is fake chatter, it means nothing.”

Jon Gruden likened it to a baseball coach who may make several gestures to a runner. Most of them will be fake to hide the true call, but the player knows which ones are legit.

Derek Carr Enjoys Keeping Fans, Defenses Guessing

Carr said he enjoys coming up with the names. And he loves that fans are trying to decipher the indecipherable.

“It’s been fun for me,” he said. “Honestly, some of my best friends will send me tweets of people trying to figure out what they mean and it’s so funny how wrong people are. But it’s fun to read.

“I’ve used probably 20 of them where the same word means different things. … My mind is always working, coming up with stuff. But I don’t come up with all of them. I’m not that smart.”

Carr isn’t the first quarterback to create a meme with his play calling.

Fans loved Peyton Manning’s calls at the line. So much so that people still ask the retired quarterback and future NFL Hall of Famer about the true meaning of his Omaha call.

We’ll see what Carr comes up this week when the 6-5 Raiders take on the hapless 0-11 Jets on Sunday.