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June Is National Camping Month: Here’s What to Remember

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jonathan Forage / Unsplash)

The month of June is National Camping Month. After months of social distancing and travel restrictions, camping could be the perfect opportunity to get out of the house for a much-needed summer vacation.

Before packing your bags, there are several things you will want to remember. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, parks and campgrounds may have specific health guidelines. Research these restrictions before arriving to your destination.

If you, or someone you are with is sick, stay home. Traveling to the campground could require coming into contact with others at places like gas stations, convenient stores, and supply stores. Also, many locations will be testing campers for symptoms of COVID-19. Those showing symptoms such as fever or respiratory illness could be turned away.

Remember there may be restrictions of some park and campground services. For example, some destinations may not be opening all camping locations. Some locations also plan to limit capacity and will be closing recreational areas such as playgrounds and swimming areas.

Whether you enjoy roughing it in the wilderness or prefer modern conveniences, be sure to remember to bring your essential items. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water or a fresh water source. Pack non-perishable foods like granola bars, jerky, peanut butter, dried fruits, etc. Also, don’t forget to pack accordingly for the weather.

For those considering celebrating National Camping month, there are a number of great resources to help book your ideal destination. Tools such as Reserve America and Recreation.gov can help you manage your trip online for most state and local government parklands. These sites can also provide specific data about the campground, such as information about electrical hookups and recreational facilities.

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