‘Justice 4 Gabby’ Banner Flies Over Laundrie Home As Search for Brian Continues

by Amy Myers

Gabby Petito supporters have continued to show their commitment to her cause in the midst of the search for her fiancé and person of interest, Brian Laundrie. From posters, memorials and now plane banners, they have surrounded the Laundries home with reminders of the 22-year-old’s death. The latest addition to the tributes flew earlier today over the Laundries’ neighborhood in Florida. Above their house, a plane carried a message that read, “Justice 4 Gabby – Tik Tok Times Up.”

It is unknown how long the banner flew for or if Brian Laundrie’s parents saw the banner themselves. However, News Nation Now reporter Brian Entin posted a video of the message that has already generated 85,000 views.

See the banner in the clip below.

Meanwhile, online supporters flocked to Twitter to voice their appreciation for the banner. Some hoped that the plane would continue to fly over Brian Laundrie’s neighborhood for hours while others came up with more creative phrases for a future message.

“This plane needs to fly all day,” one user wrote.

“Just some airplane noise for their afternoon gardening #yourwelcome,” said another.

Despite the support for the aerial message, some Twitter users speculated that the effort came with a big price tag and “Just wished the money was going elsewhere,” such as the Gabby Petito Foundation that her family started.

According to one banner service, Aerial Messages, the price to fly a banner with 30-40 characters can cost between $950-$1500 depending on the location. This price also includes five passes over the depicted destination.

Brian Laundrie’s Parents Decide to Check Mail at Night Due to Protestors

Since protestors have gathered outside of Brian Laundrie’s home and along the street, his parents have been careful to avoid interaction. This might not only be out of convenience but also for their safety. Previously, a fight broke out between one of the Laundries’ neighbors and two protestors. Allegedly, the unwelcome guests stepped onto the neighbor’s property, causing the homeowner to become physical. In the aftermath of the short scrap, the three continued shouting at each other, part of which a bystander captured on film. Following the scene, police charged the neighbor with simple battery.

In order to avoid this kind of confrontation, Brian Laundrie’s parents have decided to check their mailbox in the dead of night, after most of the crowds have left. However, one night, a stray reporter caught Laundrie’s father, Christopher, going to collect his mail.

“Where’s your son, Chris?” the reporter asked. “How come you don’t come out in the day time? How do you feel about Gabby, do you have a message for her parents?”

Brian Laundrie’s father opted not to answer and instead walked back inside.