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Justin Moore Enjoying More Time At Home During Pandemic

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Sara Kauss/Getty Images)

While other country artists are itching to hit the road and tour again, Justin Moore finds happiness and contentment in being able to stay home and spend time with his family during the pandemic.

Justin Moore’s single “We Didn’t Have Much” off his sixth studio album is continuing to climb on the Top 40 charts.

The Price of Fame

However, being a famous musician comes with a price.

Moore’s career has taken away some of the quality moments he could be spending with his family if he wasn’t on the road for long periods of time while touring.

The flashing lights, stage performances, and tours across the world have faded out amongst the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Justin Moore Finds Simplicity Being at Home With Family

When it comes to his single “We Didn’t Have Much,” Moore says it’s a true reflection of how he and his family are living during the times of COVID-19.

“2020 has led my family and I to lead a more simple life than what we are accustomed to,” he says, “and this song speaks to the beauty in that simplicity.”

A New Experience for the Moore Family Due to COVID-19

Justin and his wife, Kate, have three little girls and one son together. The couple eloped in 2007.

“What’s funny is Kate and I have never spent this much time together, ever, in our relationship. We started dating in 2002, saw each other a week out of every four, five, or six weeks,” says Moore. “When she moved to Nashville from Louisiana, I left, went on the road, and was gone all the time. We saw each other about the same frequency. It’s been that way our whole relationship.”

During an interview with KDFI Radio, Moore explains how their family is discovering a new way of living together. Moore remains at their Arkansas home for one of the longest periods of time during his career.

“We’re great. Everything’s good. Our marriage is good, and we still have a blast together,” he adds. “At the same time, it’s taken some figuring out for sure because there’s a flow to our lives, there’s a rhythm to our lives that works for us and always has. The fact that rhythm has been interrupted is something you definitely have to navigate.”

He’s thankful for currently having the opportunity to spend precious moments with his four young children. Justin explains how important being a father is to him and what he enjoys most about taking on the role.

“You know, my favorite part about being a dad … it’s really hard to pick one thing that is my favorite, but just being at home with ‘em,” says Justin Moore.

As of now, Justin is thankful for the time he’s been given to simply be a father and husband.