K-9 Officer Sniffs Out Turkey Poacher on Private Property

by Michael Freeman

It’s no secret how difficult it is to hide something from a dog’s nose. On that note, a recent K-9 officer really strutted his stuff and found a turkey poacher on someone’s private property.

K-9 officer Scout, a yellow lab, helped catch a turkey poacher in the Greater Cincinnati area. Serving as a part of the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s recently established K-9 program, he found the trespasser after responding to a landowner’s complaint. Scout accompanied wildlife officers Gus Kiebel and Jason Keller and helped search the area, Field and Stream reported.

Upon arriving, Scout found a used shotgun shell, its wad, and a pile of turkey feathers. Using that, officers knew the poacher shot the bird on the landowner’s property. This prompted them to scout the area and they found him cutting the recently-killed bird. After questioning him, the suspect admitted he was hunting nearby and crossed into the landowner’s property after hearing a turkey gobble in the area.

The officers then seized the turkey parts and issued two summonses to the hunter. He obliged and pleaded guilty to both charges. Additionally, he paid $450 in fines, as well as court costs. The Ohio Division of Wildlife shared the story on their official Facebook account too, which provides additional details and photos.

Included in the post is a satisfied-looking Scout sitting next to the recovered turkey parts. Luckily, the turkey parts won’t go to waste either, with the post stating they will be used as Scout’s training aids.

Considering how well Scout did, I hope “training aids” loosely translates into treats.

Florida Sheriff’s Office Names K-9 Officer After a Sergeant Killed in the Line of Duty

K-9 officers are a boon to whatever field they’re a part of, be it helping wildlife officers or traditional law enforcement. In a case in Florida, one K-9 officer became a living tribute to a sergeant killed in the line of duty by taking his name.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office named the dog Roy, which happened to be Sergeant Brian Lavigne’s middle name. Fox News reported the story and spoke to his daughter Caitlin about the K-9 taking her father’s name. “My dad was tough as nails, just like the dogs are, so it’s nice to know that he’s still kind of out here with us.”

The sheriff’s office provided a press release about the incident. In it, they informed everyone Sergeant LaVigne was sadly only one shift away from retirement on January 11, 2021. He died when a suspect intentionally crashed his car into the marked police vehicle LaVigne inhabited. Sheriff Chad Chronister gave his own thoughts about the LeVigne family allowing the name tribute.

“This tribute to Sgt. Brian LeVigne is one that will be ever-present to anyone that comes into contact with K-9 Roy. While we continue to heal as an agency after losing Sergeant LeVigne, I know that K-9 Roy will be a constant reminder of the life that was cruelly taken from us,” Chronister said.