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Kamala Harris Reacts to Fly on Mike Pence’s Head in Viral VP Debate Moment

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Vice Presidential debate was over a week ago, but the country, and now Kamala Harris, continue to buzz about the fly atop Mike Pence’s head.

While Pence spoke on supporting law enforcement, the black fly made the Vice President’s head a temporary home during the debate. Social Media users say the fly remained on Pence’s head for a little over two minutes.

Neither Pence nor Democratic candidate Kamala Harris paid the spotlight-stealing fly much attention during the debate. The two were separated several feet apart and protected by plexiglass for enhanced COVID-19 safety measures.

Kamala Harris Talks Pence Fly

While Pence broke his silence regarding the fly’s presence earlier this week, Harris had no yett addressed the subject. That is until MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow posed the question recently, according to TMZ.

“I would just kick myself if I didn’t ask you before you go if you noticed the fly on Vice President Pence’s head during the debate,” Maddow says during the interviews. “We could see it at home. Could you see it sitting next to him?”

After receiving the question, Harris erupts in laughter while trying to hold back a smile. She nods her head in the affirmative while saying nothing, which pushes Maddow into a bout of laughter.

“I think that it is important that we find a way to move on,” she says while trying to hold in more laughter. “We can kind of fly away from this subject.”

The “world’s most famous fly,” as it has been called has garnered much attention since last week’s debate. Pence spoke on the incident earlier this week, saying he and his family found humor in the situation. He says he was only made aware of the fly after speaking with his children after the debate.

They told me, ‘Dad, you did ok,’ but they did tell me about the fly,” he told Fox News. “It was a good laugh for all of us.