Kane Brown Dishes on What Makes Dolly Parton a Relatable Storyteller

by Keeli Parkey

You can count Kane Brown among the multitudes and multitudes of Dolly Parton fans. And he lists Parton’s songs “9 to 5” and “Jolene” among his favorites.

“I went to one of Dolly’s shows – I believe in L.A.,” Brown recently said. “And, I uh, just fell in love with her and her storytelling.”

There are several qualities about Dolly Parton that put her head and shoulders above other songwriters and performers and allow her to connect on a deeper level, according to Brown. But, it is her ability to identify with the struggles of everyday people that makes all the difference.

“What makes Dolly such a relatable songwriter is she writes what she lives and she writes what she knows,” Kane Brown said in a video for BMI. “Working 9 to 5 – anybody can relate to those songs. Um, and she does a great job on selling them and singing them.”

Kane Brown on Impact of Dolly Parton

Brown also reflected on Parton’s impact on music.

“Dolly Parton’s legacy, in my opinion, is just, it’s huge,” Brown said. “Not only is she Dolly Parton, but she also has the wonderful Dollywood that I love; I love Gatlinburg. When I go … I’m going to Dolly’s town, basically. She’s just amazing. … Her legacy is huge and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

Watch Kane Brown talk about his love for Parton below:

Parton gets a chance to respond to Brown’s comments at the end of the clip. She said she is glad to hear that Brown enjoys Dollywood.

“You keep coming (to Dollywood). You know I need the money,” Parton joked. “… my favorite line is, ‘It costs a lot to look this cheap.’ Anyway, talking about ‘9 to 5,’ I’m glad you like that one. … That little song has been the gift that just keeps on giving.”