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Kansas Police Return Wallet Missing for Almost 50 Years

by Taylor Cunningham
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Recently, a Great Bend, Kansas, resident found an antique wallet by happenstance. The kind samaritan took the billfold and all its contents down to the local police department. And with a little digging, the officers were able to track down the owner.

All of us have lost a wallet or two during our lives. In most cases, once we realize our billfold is gone, we never see it again. But sometimes, a kind person will find the wallet and do their best to reunite it with its owner. And that’s what happened in Kansas this month. But in this situation, the wallet was five decades old.

The story happened in Great Bend, KS, a small town two hours from Wichita. This particular handmade, leatherbound billfold went missing fifty years ago. And somehow, a city resident found the wallet and took it down to the local police department. The GBPD didn’t say where or how the samaritan found the wallet. But no matter how they did, it’s amazing.

The 1970’s wallet held a social security card and a driver’s license that expired in 1974. Officers tracked the owner all the way to his new home in Lawrence, Kansas, which is three hours from Great Bend. The owner said he was “tickled” that they located his property all these years later. And he added that he made the wallet himself.

The GBPD noted that “it’s not every day” they have “fun stories” to share on social media. And said that the “great story” made them smile.

A Dashcam Shows a Police Officer Going Above and Beyond While Trying to Help an Elderly Man During a Routine Traffic Stop

Officer Kevin Coates from the Sterling Heights Police Department pulled over a 79-year-old man last month. And after noticing that the man was distraught, Coates didn’t give the man a ticket. Instead, he le offered to help.

“Everything’s going wrong,” said the distressed man in a video.

With tears welling in his eyes, he tells the police officer that his wife is ill and his son is battling mental illness. And on top of that, he had just bought a new television for his wife, but he couldn’t get it to work. So he felt like everything was spiraling.

The man then pleaded with Officer Coates and explained that he tries to drive intelligently. But his emotions were getting the best of him. And he was out trying to find the proper cables for the television. But he ended up empty-handed, which only added to his stress.

The compassionate police offer began offering advice to the gentleman. But Officer Coates had a better idea. He’d just go to the man’s home and set up the TV himself.

So Coates let the 79-year-old off with a warning and told him he’d stop by when he had a break.

An hour later, Coates and two other police officers knocked on the man’s door. The police officers got the television hooked up and even gave the gentleman a tutorial.