Katie Couric Posts Original 9/11 Live Video Segment With Matt Lauer

by Jacklyn Krol
Katie Couric Remembers September 11 Original News Cast With Matt Lauer
NBC Universal, Getty Images

Katie Couric shared the original live newscast of her and Matt Lauer reporting the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The Post From Katie Couric

Couric shared the heart-wrenching video on the nineteenth anniversary of the day that changed the world forever.

“19 years ago today,” Couric wrote alongside the video. “Over 2,500 people killed, more than 6,000 people injured. Countless families ripped apart. A country forever changed. Remembering those we lost on 9/11, and keeping those they loved and who loved them in my thoughts and in my heart. I will always remember.”

“We have a breaking news story to tell you about, apparently a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City,” she said while on air. “It happened just a few moments ago apparently, we have very little information at this time.”

Watch the moment, below.

What Katie Said About After the Attacks

In 2011, Couric wrote a letter for ABC News where she detailed the tragic day from her point of view.

“It was a day when it felt like fall, with no foreboding of a harsh winter ahead,” she began.  “The Today Show was about to wrap up for the morning. I waited in the production area for Matt Lauer to finish interviewing an author of a biography of Howard Hughes before returning to the studio to say our goodbyes.”

Couric remembers that “all eyes were transfixed on the image of a burning high-rise on CNN.”  She admitted that it took her several moments to comprehend what was taking place.

“‘Oh my God,’ I thought, ‘some pilot flying a small plane must have had a heart attack.'” She recalled that she looked at the clock at 8:52 A.M. and concluded that most New Yorkers were not at work yet, “sadly underestimating the work ethic of New Yorkers.”

Couric ran into the studio alongside Lauer and Al Roker. “The day unfolded in a way that resembled some kind of high-tech disaster movie, not real life,” she said. “Al had covered the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 when he worked in local news and was incredibly knowledgeable about the structure of the Twin Towers,” she explained.  “We were talking to people on the phone for eyewitness accounts, including Elliott Walker, one of my favorite producers, when we watched, in horror, that second plane hit the second tower.  My hand was shaking uncontrollably.”

After the second plane crashed, Couric called her parents to tell them to get into their basement. “My daughters were in school and I remember thinking that was the safest place for them to be,” she shared.