Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Bunker Down in Australian Mansion During Pandemic, and Fans Have Words

by Hunter Miller

Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman are coming under fire on social media. The Aussie superstars plan to quarantine at their Australian estate while others must go under lockdown in a government-approved hotel.

On Monday, the celebrity couple and their two daughters reportedly flew into Sydney via private jet, Page Six reports. They left behind their home in Tennessee for their multimillion-dollar farm, Sutton Forest.

According to Australian law, citizens returning from overseas must quarantine two weeks in a state-approved hotel. However, the government in South Wales can grant exemptions. The government can grant exemptions on “strong medical, health, or compassionate grounds.”

Twitter Sounds Off on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Exemption

The government granted Keith Urban, 52, and Nicole Kidman, 53, an exemption to head directly to their farm. After the news of their exemption surfaced, a number of Australians took to social media to express their disappointment.

“Very disappointed in @NicoleKidman and @KeithUrban not going into quarantine like the rest of the people coming from overseas,” one user wrote. “The rich and privileged getting away with it again. Besides, we have plenty of talented Australians living here that could help with the film industry.”

Another user echoed a similar sentiment. “This is how quarantine fails when procedures are not being followed,” the user tweeted. “Double standard is not on! And you nailed it – they are here because of money! Money always talks!”

While many slammed the couple for the exemption, others jumped to their defense. “Anyone can apply for the exemption from hotel quarantine if they can provide evidence of being able to self isolate. Try to gain more information before criticizing someone,” a Twitter user wrote.

Urban and Kidman returned to their home country while the Oscar-winning actress films a TV adaption of the novel, “Nine Perfect Strangers.” The film also stars Luke Evans and Melissa McCarthy.

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