Kellogg’s Hit with Lawsuit Over Its Strawberry Pop-Tarts

by Jonathan Howard

Things are getting a little wild at Kellogg’s. While the company has long made Strawberry Pop-Tarts, they are being sued for not having enough fruit. That’s right, not enough strawberries in the strawberry filling.

Pop-Tarts are one of the more versatile and easy-to-eat breakfast foods. Room temperature, in the toaster, or even in the freezer for truly smart consumers. However, this new lawsuit is alleging that the company is misleading consumers. Elizabeth Russett of New York is leading the charge on the class-action suit. While the fruit filling in the strawberry toaster pastries does contain strawberry, Russett claims they contain more of other fruits.

If the majority of the filling isn’t comprised of strawberries, does this lawsuit have a point? Apparently, the filling has more pears and apples than actual strawberries. The main complainant says that the amount of strawberries isn’t enough to give nutritional benefits of the fruit or a real flavor of the fruit.

According to her, the packaging on Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts is misleading. It is an attempt to fool consumers who want a strawberry pastry. The damages that Russett is claiming total over $5 million. She wants to see the packaging changed as well. As of right now, the company has not released a statement on the matter according to TMZ.

Kellogg’s Workers on Strike

This isn’t the only thing that has put Kellogg’s in the news in recent days. The company has workers on strike, about 1,400 employees total. They have been striking over pay and benefits and are pointing at the company’s two-tiered employment system. If that sounds familiar, John Deere workers are on strike for many of the same reasons.

Over at Deere, over 10,000 workers have gone on strike. They are striking as part of the United Auto Workers union. They have been concerned about pay, conditions, as well as the two-tier system that the company implements much like Kellogg’s. It has been almost four decades since the workers went on strike at John Deere. The last year has made life hard on workers. Now, they want to get the benefits they deserve.

As the company has seen fewer employees in recent years, profits have been doing great. However, employees feel that those profits are not being seen by the working members of the company.

“Our members at John Deere strike for the ability to earn a decent living, retire with dignity and establish fair work rules. We stay committed to bargaining until our members’ goals are achieved,” said Chuck Browning. Browning is the VP and director of the UAW Agricultural Implement Department.

Right now, Kellogg’s is dealing with a worker’s strike. So, it will be interesting to see how much they care about this class action lawsuit about their strawberry Pop-Tarts. I think they might have bigger issues at hand at the moment.