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Kenosha Protest Shootings: Sole Survivor Speaks Out for the First Time

by Josh Lanier
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Gaige Grosskreutz, one of three men police say Kyle Rittenhouse shot on Aug. 25 — and the only survivor, told CNN he’s haunted by the shooting and is in constant pain.

“I was shot point blank with a .223 round from the shooter,” Grosskreutz told CNN. “And I am now missing 90% of my bicep. This has not been easy emotionally, physically. I’m in constant pain, like excruciating pain that just doesn’t go away — both in my arm, in my heart.”

The 22-year-old said he felt compelled to attend the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Grosskreutz, who said he had worked as a paramedic, packed a bag with medical supplies and made the 40-mile trip from his home in Milwaukee.

He said he planned to take part in the peaceful protests, but would act as a paramedic if violence broke out. And he would provide help to anyone, regardless of what side they were on.

“He was down there to try to provide assistance to everybody indiscriminately,” said Grosskreutz’ lawyer, Kimberley Motley.

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