Kentucky Man Clears Snow From Driveway with Flamethrower in Viral Video

by Jennifer Shea

In a new viral video that’s making the rounds on the Internet, a Kentucky man melts snow and ice in his driveway with a giant flamethrower.

Timothy Browning lives in Ashland, near Lexington, Kentucky. Clad in a short white bathrobe, black socks and a winter hat – and carrying a beer can and cigar in his other hand – Browning strafed the driveway with flames to clear it out.

He took his eyes off the flamethrower for a moment as he finished off his can of beer, then tossed it to the side of his driveway.

According to the Daily Mail, his wife Beth filmed the whole snow removal operation. “Browning snow services removal now available!” she says at the beginning of the video clip.

At one point, a passing car honked at Browning – in approval or disapproval, it wasn’t clear which.

Browning posted the video to his Facebook page. “God bless American rednecks!” he wrote.

A passerby named Jordan Podunavac also noticed Browning’s snow removal method and filmed it. A user named Chad posted his video to Twitter on Christmas, and wrote, “Here’s one way to do some quick snow removal, by flamethrower.”

The tweet got over 120,000 views after it was tweeted. It drew mostly positive reactions, though one Twitter user asked the obvious question.

“What could possibly go wrong?” the user tweeted.