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Kentucky MMA Fighter Saves Wife and Sister-in-Law from Tornado’s Candle Factory Wreckage

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Following the devastating tornadoes that left dozens dead and missing in Kentucky, MMA fighter Brian Brooks recalls how he helped rescue his wife, her sister, and others from the leveled Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory. 

While talking to Fox News, the Kentucky MMA fighter opened up about his experience going through the debris that the tornadoes left. “I get a call. It’s my wife. She calls and tells me she loves me. That she’s trapped. And they’re smashed. And she hung up.”

The Kentucky resident then immediately got into his truck and raced to the factory. When he arrived, he saw the building was completely leveled. “It was like the worst war movie you see on TV. The people that were screaming that you could not see in the dark.”

Luckily, the Kentucky MMA fighter also knew where his wife actually was inside the building. In the women’s restroom. “I just started climbing and finding people. Just helping everybody I could,” he explained. He then shared that he reached out to screaming people and was careful where he stepped. He even pulled workers out of the rubble and he is unsure exactly how many people he helped.

Meanwhile, the Kentucky resident eventually found his sister-in-law. The sibling was smashed on top of his wife and spotted him as well as his “crazy shoes” because he was wearing footwear that had various colors. “She knew it was me. She started hollering. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ And started trying to pull.”

The roof of the factory as well as candle wax barrels, bathroom walls, rafters, were on top of the Kentucky MMA fighter’s wife and sister-in-law. He was eventually able to get them out using a crowbar. The duo was sent to the hospital and was released on Monday. 

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Updates Residents on the Tornado Recovery

On Tuesday (December 14th), Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear gave an update about the tornado recovery. He revealed that the official death toll did not rise overnight and examined at 74 confirmed fatalities. 

The reported deaths of the Kentucky storms were 21 in Graves County; 17 in Hopkins County; 15 in Warren County; 11 in Muhlenberg County; 4 in Caldwell County; 2 in Marshall County; and one each in Franklin, Lyon, and Taylor countries. 

The Kentucky Governor also declared that eight of the dead remain unidentified or next of kin have not yet been notified. The age range of the dead ranges from 2 months old to 98 years old. Twelve of those killed were children. 

Meanwhile, there are currently 122 Kentucky residents unaccounted for. Local, state, and federal crews are continuing rescue and recovery efforts. The total number of Kentucky National Guardsman supporting the storm relief is now up 568.