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Kentucky Tornadoes: Beloved Judge, Toddler Among Those Confirmed Dead

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Any loss of life is lamentable and the tornadoes on Friday, unfortunately, took many. Kentucky was hit especially hard, with a beloved judge and toddler being among the list of victims.

Kentucky District Judge Brian Crick and a toddler from Mayfield, Kentucky are two of the many victims claimed by the recent tornadoes. The New York Post covered the story and confirmed the two deaths on Saturday morning.

WLWT5 reported the terrible news involving the Mayfield toddler. A local, Angela Wheeler, was caring for her husband who is on dialysis, and spoke to the outlet about what transpired. Though she and her family made it out okay, she said the family across the street lost their child.

“Like everybody says, it was like a roar and it shifted the house where we were at and almost made us fall into the basement,” Wheeler told WLWT5. Her family became trapped inside their home after it came off its foundation, escaping out a window. After getting out, they noticed the family across the street screaming for help. As it turns out, the tornado leveled their home and killed their 3-year-old son.

The Kentucky judge, Brian Crick, was a happy father of three who served both McLean and Muhlenberg counties. Chief Justice Minton confirmed the news on Twitter, releasing a statement about the damage done to both property and life.

“We are especially heartbroken to get the news that District Judge Brian Crick, who served McLean and Muhlenberg counties, lost his life during the storm,” part of the statement reads. “This is a shocking loss to his family, his community and the court system, and his family is in our prayers.”

Kentucky Tornado Causes Train to Derail, Damaging Multiple Homes

Kentucky suffered tornado devastation in every sense of the word. The devastation was especially bad in some areas, with one area having a train flung off the tracks and damaging nearby homes.

Fox News stated one of the tornadoes caused a CSX freight train to derail Friday. The incident occurred in Earlington, Hopkins County Kentucky. Overall, the inclement weather derailed the train and its 28 cars, a CSX spokesperson relayed. Additionally, the tornado even threw one car 75 yards off the track. Luckily, no one was injured or killed, nor did any hazardous substances get released.

CSX released a statement about the incident as well, claiming community safety was of the utmost importance. “The safety of the community is our top priority as we continue to finalize our recovery plan,” the statement said. “CSX personnel are coordinating with local emergency responders and by late afternoon we cleared the derailed cars from the tracks. At approximately 6 p.m. this evening train traffic resumed.”