Kentucky Town Elects 6-Month-Old French Bulldog Mayor

by Jennifer Shea

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has a new mayor. And that new mayor has four legs.

A French bulldog named Wilbur Beast won last week’s mayoral election in the tiny Kentucky town, population about 315.

Wilbur got 13,143 votes out of 22,985 total votes cast. Moreover, that represented the highest total ever for a Rabbit Hash election. 

How is that possible?

A Lucrative Election for Mayor

Fortunately, the vote was part of a fundraising event, not a real election, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. So all money raised went to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, a nonprofit devoted to preserving the history and buildings of Rabbit Hash. The nonprofit traded votes for cash.

The historical society has been holding the fundraiser for the past 22 years. It is their most successful fundraiser of the year. Officials told UPI the money will go toward preserving local buildings. 

“Thank you for the vote of confidence from local supporters and people from all over the world!” Wilbur’s campaign told the Enquirer. “It’s an exciting adventure and a deeply meaningful cause to preserve the river hamlet town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.”

‘Something Positive in the News’

Wilbur unseated the incumbent mayor, Brynn, a pit bull who has enjoyed four years in office, according to the Enquirer. The runners up, a beagle and a golden retriever, became official Rabbit Hash ambassadors.

Wilbur’s owner, Amy Noland, told NBC News that Rabbit Hash has never had a human mayor. The unincorporated community is part of Boone County.

Meanwhile, Wilbur has been adjusting to his new role admirably, Noland said.

“He’s done a lot of interviews locally,” she said. “He’s had a lot of pets, a lot of belly scratches and a lot of ear rubs.”

She added that she decided to start a campaign for Wilbur because of “all of the negative media that’s out there surrounding America, and the election, and Covid-19, so I guess I wanted Wilbur to be something positive in the news.”