KFC Being Pressured to Temporarily Close Some Restaurants: Here’s Why

by Michael Freeman

A COVID-19 outbreak at a KFC in Sydney, Australia has many in the country demanding all fast-food restaurants temporarily close.

News.com/au reports despite Sydney’s latest lockdown, 12 employees at a single KFC location there tested positive for COVID-19. Questioning how “essential” fast-food establishments are, people are calling for KFC locations to close down.

Australia’s current outbreak reportedly centers around Sydney and the state of New South Wales. Despite being under lockdown for eight weeks, cases continue to rise. Sydney’s state chief health officer, Dr. Kerry Chant, stated in a press conference how infectious and dangerous the new Delta variant can be.

“You have one person who introduced [COVID-19] to a workplace, then you have 12 people who have become infected. Each of those 12 people will go back to their households and introduce it there. Then you get the cycle of transmission. That is why it is so critical that people get tested at the earliest point, and that people even in workplaces follow all the covid safety practices.”

Though Chant herself didn’t explicitly call for fast-food restaurants to close, people on social media seem to believe that’s what she meant. “KFC doesn’t need to be open. Allowing this makes lockdown take longer for everyone and every business currently forced to close,” one person tweeted.

Another person on Twitter seems to believe the state is becoming complacent. “They are clearly giving up, relying on vaccination to get us out of this. We could be doing more. Every essential worker in Sydney should be getting tested every three days, regardless of which LGA you live in.”

Using contact tracing, officials reached every customer who frequented the KFC location between July 27 and August 2, and has asked them to get tested and quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Nicholas Cage Celebrates His Finished Movies With KFC Chicken

Hopefully, Nicholas Cage doesn’t film in Australia anytime soon, as the actor said earlier this year he celebrates his finished movies with a bucket of KFC chicken and champagne. According to Yahoo Entertainment, this came to be because of a childhood memory.

“I was nine years old, and my father brought home a bucket of Colonel Sanders original recipe and a bottle of champagne. The combination of this Americanized tempura chicken and champagne was absolutely unforgettable. I don’t know if I’d recommend doing that with anyone’s 9-year-old, but it was fun at the time!”

Even now, almost half a century later, Cage hasn’t lost his penchant for the flavor combo. To him, wrapping up a movie means another bucket of chicken.

“Whenever I make a movie, it’s my wrap present to myself. At the end of the movie, I’ll go and get a bucket of original recipe and that’s how I celebrate.”