KFC Set to Open Pop-Up Hotel, Guests Can Get Food on Demand With ‘Press for Chicken’ Button

by Matthew Wilson

This pop-up hotel is finger-licking good. KFC is going from the restaurant business into the hotel and customer service business. The fast-food franchise is opening a pop-up hotel in London for guests. They can also order KFC for room service with a press of a “Press for Chicken” button.

Hilton or the Best Western probably shouldn’t worry about KFC stealing their thunder just yet. Because it’s a pop-up, the KFC hotel will run for only a short window. In fact, the hotel opens its doors on Aug. 18 for an 11-night window. The hotel will also allow guests to stay for only one evening.

The hotel is called the House of Harland after KFC founder Col. Harland Sanders. That’s not the only callback to the restaurant’s iconic lineage. The hotel is at 9a Club Row in reference to the chicken restaurant’s number of original herbs and spices. That formula has been a closely garden secret for years.

Guests will be able to spend a night in London in style. And with this promotion, they’ll feel like the colonel himself as well. For one, the “Colonelmobile” will pick them up and take them to the hotel in style. The restaurant-themed black Cadillac will drive them to the front door. Meanwhile, the “chick-in” clerk will explain all the amenities of the stay.

KFC Hotel Stay

So what exactly are those amenities? Well, for all those gamers out there, this one’s for you. The KFC hotel will feature a “Hot Winger” arcade machine. We’re not exactly sure what exactly a Hot Winger game is, but it sounds interesting. Meanwhile, the hotel will feature a private screening area as well. Just don’t expect the latest blockbusters on display. Instead, the hotel will feature chicken-themed movies.

The hotel is modeling rooms after the popular chicken restaurant. For one, both the bedsheets, as well as the bathroom towels, will feature images of chicken. Now that’s a whole lot of chicken. But unfortunately, the hotel has already found its guests for the event space.

Would-be guests could reserve a room via Hotels.com for one of the evenings. But it appears that the booking service already sold all the nights. It’s a bummer for those hoping to stay in the hotel. Rooms went for a surprisingly cheap rate. They costed the equivalent of $154. As a result of staying there, guests could get the equivalent of $139 worth of KFC food as well.

The money reportedly went to a good cause. The KFC Foundation plans to use the money to help youth groups. Of course, this isn’t the first time that a restaurant has had a pop-up hotel. Previously, Taco Bell sold out its pop-up hotel in California in just two minutes.