Kiely Rodni Search: Video Released Showing SUV Pulled Out of Reservoir

by Sean Griffin

In this harrowing video footage, a helicopter overhead captures a Honda CR-V being dragged from Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday night. Apparently, the site is very close to the campsite party Kiely Rodni had been attending on August 6th.

While there have been no official confirmations, most do believe that the human remains found inside the car are Rodni’s.

Rescue workers were filmed pulling the vehicle partly onto the shore near Truckee before covering it in a blue sheet. Then, they hauled it away on the back of a truck.

Rodni was last seen shortly after midnight on August 6 leaving a high school graduation party at Prosser Family Campground. She told her mother she was returning home to Truckee.

However, she never made it back. A huge search party was launched, which originally involved seven police helicopters and dozens of officers. However, nothing turned up.

Authorities are now under pressure to explain how they spent 20,000 man hours looking for the missing teenager when a group of volunteer divers found her very quickly. Not to mention, they found her in the reservoir right next to the campsite submerged at a depth of only fourteen feet.

Diving group Adventures with Purpose searched an area that police had already deemed as clear.

Rodni’s family said on Sunday night they were waiting for clarification from officers before addressing the “rumors” surrounding the find.

As dusk fell on Sunday night, the silver Honda CR-V was slowly raised out of the reservoir. A large crowd of officials stood to watch as the SUV was dragged towards the shore.

Search and Rescue Dive Team ‘Adventures with Purpose’ Found Kiely Rodni on Sunday

A famous search-and-rescue dive team jumped into the hunt for missing California teenager Kiely Rodni. According to their official Facebook account and the outlet TMZ, the group claims to have found the missing teenager. However, unfortunately, the teen seems to be deceased.

The YouTube group called “Adventures with Purpose” claimed to have located Rodni on Sunday, writing on their Facebook page: “WE JUST FOUND KIELY RODNI.” The crew, which boasts millions of subscribers and followers across social media platforms, say they found her body inside an upside-down vehicle in a body of water. Reports suggest this body of water is Prosser Lake.

The group said the vehicle remains submerged under fourteen feet of water. They said that law enforcement, and the family of the victim, have been notified.

Kiley first went missing weeks ago at the beginning of the month. Search efforts in the area had previously turned up nothing. AWP volunteered their services recently, and the group quickly delivered.

Kiley went missing on August 6th near Truckee, California. She and many other young people were partying around the Lake Tahoe region at the time. The young girl went missing late that night without a trace. In the weeks since, a massive campaign to locate her went underway.

No details have yet emerged to confirm whether Adventures with Purpose has actually found Kiely Rodni. Furthermore, no details have emerged concerning whether foul play was suspected.