Kirk Cameron Facing Backlash Over NYE Prayer Service Despite Stay-at-Home Order

by Katie Maloney

Growing Pains actor, Kirk Cameron, shared a video on Instagram of himself along with a large group of people attending a New Year’s Eve prayer service. People are now speaking out against his violation of pandemic prevention guidelines.

We all know that New Year’s Eve has traditionally been one of the main social events of the year. However, due to the pandemic, many of us have been asked to put our plans aside and stay home.

California government officials have recently released a stay-at-home order asking residents to refrain from gathering and to wear masks and social distance when they are around other people. Despite the order, Cameron hosted a “Sunset Singing and Prayer Event on New Year’s Eve.”

After the event, Cameron shared a four-minute video of the gathering on Instagram showing himself along with other participants not wearing masks or social distancing. Cameron is now receiving backlash for violating California’s stay-at-home order.

During the video Cameron says “I’m so happy that you all came here. We were scouting out places all up and down the coast. We weren’t sure where to come and we landed on this really just three or four hours ago. And this turned out to be just perfect.”

This Isn’t the First Time Kirk Cameron Has ‘Spread Covid Cheer’

This may have been one of the largest gatherings Cameron organized. However, it wasn’t the first. This was actually the third time that he has violated stay-at-home orders. Earlier in December Cameron organized two different caroling events that included dozens of people standing closely without masks.

People are now starting to speak out in protest of Cameron’s actions. On his Instagram video, one commenter wrote, “Spreading covid cheer yet again.” Another wrote, “I guess he’s still going through growing pains.” Someone else wrote “He’s bonkers. Sad.”

However, not everyone is against the gathering. In fact, some people are praising Cameron for his actions. One fan wrote, “Just what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you! Thank you for being a leader and stepping up and speaking out. I appreciate the kindness and wisdom in your approach. God bless you and your family.” Another wrote, “Such an inspiring message! Thank you and Happy New Year!”