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Kirstie Alley Continues Feud With CNN: ‘The News Outlet Is Broadcasting Terror’

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Kirstie Alley is extending her moment in the Donald Trump limelight as she continues her battle with CNN. This time, she claims the news network is “broadcasting terror” in regards to Covid-19.

On Sunday night, she appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about her thoughts on that other network. CNN bashing is a regular topic on Fox.

Alley, who publicly endorsed Trump last month, said the network is too obsessive in its coverage of the pandemic.

“They’re terrifying people 24/7 but they don’t have any additional preventatives, they’re saying the same thing. We’ve heard the same thing,” Alley said Sunday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

“If they were coming up with new preventatives, I’d be happy to listen, you know? Or, God forbid, we come up with any new therapeutics,” Ally said during her appearance on Carlson’s show.

Kirstie Alley Started Fight with CNN Last Week, Saying “Fear is Their Mantra”

On Friday, she tweeted that the reason her friends walked around “in sheer terror” is that they watch CNN. And she claimed the news network’s mantra is “fear of dying.” The last part of her tweet was in all caps just in case someone missed her point.

CNN clapped back, tweeting: “Kirstie, you are welcome to change the channel – just like countless viewers did every time ‘Veronica’s Closet’ came on TV. But don’t downplay the loss of nearly 230K American lives. And please, wear a mask.”

And no, it wasn’t over then, either. A number of right-wing social media celebrities and/or politicians jumped to Allie’s defense. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz even provided Veronica’s Closet viewership and compared them to CNN’s.

Alley starred in”Veronica’s Closet” In the show, her character ran a lingerie business loosely based on “Victoria’s Secret.” The show did have magnificent ratings when it premiered in 1997. It was sandwiched between “Seinfeld” and “ER,” two iconic shows. But NBC canceled it three years later after the ratings dropped significantly when it no longer enjoyed the generous spot in the weekly lineup.

Over the past decade, the 69-year-old actress hasn’t enjoyed the same kind of success she had in the 1990s, when she played Rebecca Howe on “Cheers.” Alley made a couple of appearances on Dancing with the Stars and the British version of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

That brings us to the election season. Rather than her typical role as an actress, Alley has become a political pundit, using her Twitter account to push Trump and other Republican candidates and causes.