Kirstie Alley Explains Why it is ‘Time To Stand Up For Democracy’ After Joe Biden Victory

by Josh Lanier

Kirstie Alley released an angry screed, decrying Joe Biden’s victory and demanding people “STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY.”

Alley, who heavily supported Donald Trump’s re-election bid, tweeted Saturday that this election had exposed the U.S. as “a corrupt depraved country.” But she begged her 1.5 million Twitter followers to help her save it.

The battle is real. Man against machine, artificial intelligence, censorship by tech “giants, MEDIA propaganda. Government CORRUPTION! THE SWAMP has been exposed, NOT DRAINED. Time to STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY AND STAND AGAINST CORRUPTION, not lay down in apathy. HOLD THE DAMN LINE!” she wrote.

The former Cheers star didn’t offer any evidence to her claims but mainly hinted at unfounded conspiracy theories. Nor, did she explain who was causing these alleged issues.

“OUR future depends on what we do here & now. It’s SO much bigger than a presidency. Presidents come and go. WE REMAIN. Our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren REMAIN. Will they remain in a corrupt depraved country and be DOMINATED by deception & coercion? HOLD THE LINE,” she tweeted next.

But it appears that Trump is taking a never give in approach, Fox News reported.

That’s because the president is gearing up for protracted court battles in a number of battleground states, claiming outright voter fraud and manipulation. Though it seems unlikely the lawsuits will be able to overturn victories in the states that were key to Biden’s win.

Moreover, campaign officials told The Wall Street Journal that Trump did not seem interested conceding.

On Sunday, however, Biden had won 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 214, with only Georgia and North Carolina withstanding.