Kirstie Alley Shares News That Her Father Has COVID-19, Urges Nursing Homes to Allow Family Visits

by Halle Ames

Actress Kirstie Alley posted a string of now-deleted tweets explaining how her father has COVID. In the tweets, she begs the nursing home to allow her family to visit him. 

Today, Kirstie Alley, 69, posted on Twitter about her 96-year-old father’s positive test results to COVID-19 during his time in a nursing home. She also posted about her plea to the home to let her family visit the man, who they haven’t seen in seven months.

“My 96 year old dad tested positive for Covid yesterday. He’s not left his room in his nice care center for 7 months. FAMILY haven’t been allowed in for 7 months. Masks & gloves worn by all workers. SO let FAMILY in to see our loved ones.! We can wear masks gloves & be TESTED too,” she wrote Wednesday morning.

An hour later, Alley adds her family promises to go to any extreme in order to see him. She cites testing and proper safety coverage as precautions they are willing to take.

“My dad is doing really well so far.❤️🙏🏼 The reason I posted is because this is a A PLEA to OWNERS of nursing, care & assisted living homes that WE too, can mask up glove up & show proof of Covid neg testing & be ALLOWED to see our FAMILY. The EXACT SAME PROTOCOL AS YOUR WORKERS.”

Kirstie Alley Receives Comments of Support From Followers

The tweets have gained public attention, with each of them getting thousands of likes and retweets. 

In addition, many of her followers offered her comforting words. They explained that the test results are often not correct, and it may just be a false positive. 

“Fauci admitted most of those tests give false positives,” one follower sent in reply. In the now-deleted response, Alley says, “I’m hoping that’s the case. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💪💪💪”

Some other fans expressed sympathy, while sharing similar experiences. “I feel your anxiety! My 98 yr old mom tested positive last week but we got lucky and after 2 additional tests it turned out to be a false positive! I will pray for you and your family,” one user wrote.

After sharing (and then deleting) the tweets, she released another message. Alley tells followers she is thankful for the kind messages but has learned to now keep personal matters off of Twitter.