‘Kiss’ Front Man Paul Stanley Mourns Father in Heartbreaking Tribute

by Jonathan Howard

Sunday, KISS star Paul Stanley shared on social media that his father had passed away. After a long life, Stanley mourns his late father. After 101 years, William Eisen had a lot of life to look back on.

In the post that the rock n’ roll frontman put on Twitter, it showed a simple, happy photo of the two of them together. No costume, no makeup, just a father and son enjoying time together. It really looks like a relationship that was full of love and appreciation for one another.

Check out the post on Twitter that was shared by Paul Stanley.

“My dad William Eisen has left this earth after 101 years & 7 months,” the caption reads. “His thirst for knowledge never wained. He could speak on virtually any subject. His pride in my accomplishments was heartwarming as was seeing his love of my family. He said he’d always be with me and he will.”

Eisen was more than just a man who lived a long life. He was a Holocaust survivor Stanley’s father was born in Poland in 1920. By the 1930s, things in central Europe, with the rising Nazi power in Germany, were beginning to change. For the young Jewish boy from Miechow, the 1930s and 1940s were a time so dark it is almost indescribable.

Eisen himself would also be brought to five camps total before the end of the war. He avoided execution, accidental death, worked during a typhus epidemic, worked jobs from tailoring to the coal mines. Eventually, the Russians would liberate his camp and those Holocaust survivors in it according to the Eisen himself.

Then, in 1952, after moving to New York City, his son, Paul Stanley was born. What a life, indeed.

KISS Members Could Gather Once Again Says Paul Stanley

Right now, KISS Army fans should be doing whatever they can to get one last look at the band. This tour, allegedly the last one ever, currently features Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. However, according to the latter, the original members could get together for one last show.

So, where and when is this show going to take place if it does happen? The birthplace of the band, of course, New York City! No place like the Big Apple. It is where the young band cut their teeth and got their first experiences playing on stage. For Stanley, it only makes sense.

“It seems only natural to be in New York…It seems we should go full circle.”

With tour dates stretched out to next year already, it is too early to say when the show might be. However, it looks like the best chance to see Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, and Bruce Kulick all together is likely the end of 2022. Keep your eyes open.