Korie Robertson Pens Reflection on Instagram After Submitting Vote on Election Day

by Jennifer Shea

“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is opening up about her voting experience this year on Instagram.

“I honestly thought voting this year would feel more somber than years past, more of simply an obligation, a duty,” Robertson posted. “We can all agree, it’s been a tough year.”

Robertson Takes Her Vote Seriously

“But I’ve gotta say that just like every other year I’ve walked into that voting booth my overwhelming feeling was thankfulness,” she went on. “I’m thankful that I live in a country where I get to vote, and where my vote actually matters. Thankful for all of the people and laws on the ballot that we have a say in electing and deciding.

“Thankful for the system that is set up so that even if it doesn’t go the way I thought was best, that every 4 years we get to do this again.”

Family Political Discussions

Politics is a contentious subject in the Robertson household. Robertson told ABC News in 2017 that she was not a vocal Trump supporter like her husband is.  

“We had lots of discussions behind the scenes,” Robertson said, despite the public appearance that the whole family backs Trump.

Trump’s tweets particularly pained her, and she brought them up with her husband.

“I did know his family and I do love his family and everything but I would be reading Willie his tweets every night and be like, ‘OK, here’s what he said tonight,” she told ABC. “It was just killing me.”

Earlier this autumn, Robertson took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the presidential debate.

“I just don’t think we should let the people who are asking for our votes for the highest office in the country get a pass on what happened the other night,” she posted then. “Our family watched the entire thing and when it ended, there was total silence in the room for a few minutes. I think we all felt a little depressed, deflated, and the worst d word of them all… disappointed.”