Krispy Kreme Releases New ‘Island Time’ Summer Donuts with Eccentric Flavor Choices

by Evan Reier

When you hit the beach, you make sure you have a few different things. A towel, sunscreen, a cooler, and of course, Krispy Kreme donuts.

Yeah, one of those things doesn’t belong. But that’s never stopped major food brands like Krispy Kreme from concocting new and (potentially) delicious seasonal favorites. And in 2021, the donut giant is taking on summer with some all-time classic flavors.

May 17 marks the first day of “Island Time” for Krispy Kreme, and I can already feel the hot sun beating down on us while we try to eat pastries. For 2021, the brand has three donuts that are available for a limited time.

In the tweet above from Krispy Kreme, the brand shows off the various specialty donuts and adds details.

“Now entering vacation mode,” the brand tweeted. “Starting TODAY try our NEW Pina Colada, Key Lime Pie and Island Time Doughnuts at a shop near you!”

However, there is a crucial catch: the donuts are only available until 5/30.

Hey Krispy Kreme, can I bring you close for a second? These specialty donuts are only available for 13 days. Not even two weeks. When I think of “Island Time,” I don’t think of the last two weeks of May. Summer is just starting, and these things will be off shelves before many people get their base tan done.

Breaking Down the Krispy Kreme ‘Island Time’ Flavors

Let’s get the most, uh, normal of the bunch out of the way. The “Island Time” donut is a classic Krispy Kreme donut with sky blue icing, crumbled graham cracker to resemble a beach, and a sugar palm tree to tie in the scene.

Honestly, that just sounds delicious, primarily because it’s a classic Krispy Kreme donut with graham cracker crumbles. That’s just a knockout combination.

And then things go off the beaten beach path. The piña colada is a classic donut dipped into piña colada icing, topped with piña colada creme, and then topped with toasted coconut and a cherry.

I have to commend the folks over there for commitment. That is, top to bottom, a Piña Colada donut. As someone who is cautiously optimistic about coconut, I’d be willing to try this, but it’s still risky.

Finally, Krispy Kreme rounds it out with a Key Lime Pie donut, because of course there would be a Key Lime Pie donut. Per the company website:

“A Key Lime Kreme filled doughnut, dipped in green icing and topped with graham crumbles and a dollop of classic White Kreme™.”

Key Lime flavoring is a touchy subject. It can either be delicious or nauseous. Krispy Kreme hasn’t betrayed our trust before, but that’s the one we’re a little hesitant on.