LA Sheriff Criticizes Push to Fire 4,000 Deputies Over COVID Vaccines

by Samantha Whidden

Los Angles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva reportedly spoke out against the push to fire 4,000 deputies over COVID vaccine mandates in the county.

According to Fox News, The LA County Sheriff’s comments about the COVID vaccine mandate come just as the county is experiencing a crime wave. He stated that the county board “couldn’t care less” about the resident’s public safety concerns. He also predicts a “referendum of woke-ism.”

“This is nothing but a power grab by the board,” Villanueva, who oversees the LA County Sheriff Department, told Fox News Digital. He proclaimed that he’s the only one left standing when it comes to providing counterbalance against the LA County Board of Supervisors. “The board couldn’t care less about the opinions of the residents. They’re that power-hungry in there. So walled off from normal life. While they were in the comfort and security of their homes during the pandemic. When there was no COVID vaccine. Our duties were on the front lines out there answering calls for service.”

Villanueva stated the board wants to fire those who sacrificed everything to keep the public safe during the COVID pandemic. “It’s just, it’s really an immoral position these people have adopted. And just shame on every single one of them.”

The media outlet further reports that last week the LA County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 in favor, with one abstention, of the motion to take away the LA County Sheriff’s authority to discipline and terminate department employees who do not comply with the county’s COVID vaccine mandates.

LA County Sherriff Accuses LA Board of Supervisors of Defunding Law Enforcement Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

While continuing to talk about the LA Board of Supervisors, Villanueva claimed, “They’re the only government entity in the entire nation that has doubled down on defending law enforcement. They have a hiring freeze on my department as I’m facing a huge deficit of personnel.”

Villanueva goes on to say that the Board is deliberately trying to defund and eliminate the Sherriff’s department through attrition. “And it’s just absolutely shameful. Because our community depends on us. Wants us out there. Wants to see a lot more of us. And the board is doing the exact opposite of what the voters of LA County want. And they need to pay the price.”

Villanueva has refused to enforce the COVID vaccine mandates for county employees for the months. He immediately criticized the Board’s move and called it a “suicide pact” to start the process of firing 3,000 sworn deputies (30% of the workforce) and 1,000 other professional staff. 

“This is strictly a political ideology,” Villanueva continued. “There is nothing that is driving them that’s based on science and combating the coronavirus. Because we’re surrounded by five counties who don’t have vaccine mandates. And now they’re actively recruiting members of my department. And with even sign-up bonuses.”