Land Rover Unveils Limited-Edition Defender V8 Bond 007 Edition

by Chris Haney

If you’re in the hunt for a premium SUV and happen to be a 007 James Bond fan, Land Rover is coming out with the perfect vehicle just for you. Land Rover has introduced a limited production Defender V8 Bond Edition SUV. The SUV will release in conjunction with the newest movie in the spy thriller series titled No Time to Die.

As is typical with the 007 movies, the film will feature a new car that James Bond or his enemy drives. For the upcoming movie with actor Daniel Craig reprising the famous role, a stock version of the new Defender model is used. In fact, the SUV features in a teaser trailer’s chase sequence that includes big jumps and sliding through muddy terrain. The featurette also doubles as an awesome commercial for the new SUV. As for the specifics of the 007 tribute vehicle, they’re as impressive as one might expect.

The Defender V8 Bond Edition SUV will be all black with 22-inch wheels that have Xenon Blue brake calipers. Additionally, it’s powered by a 518 horsepower 5.0-liter engine, has 007 badging, and infotainment system graphics. Yet its most unique feature is the car’s puddle lights. The limited-edition Land Rover comes equipped with a light that projects the 007 logo onto the ground when you approach the vehicle.

As mentioned, the James Bond-inspired Defender is a limited production vehicle. Land Rover will only make 300, and the U.S. will only get 68 of the 300. Each SUV will come with a laser-etched build number, and buyers can expect a hefty price tag. The Defender V8 Bond Edition SUV starts at $115,950.

007’s Stolen Aston Martin May Have Been Found

Arguably the most famous car in the 007 James Bond film series is the gadget-filled 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Iconic actor Sean Connery popularized the silver coupe when he drove it in Goldfinger and Thunderball. There were actually two of the cars used in the pair of James Bond movies, however, one went missing in 1997.

Ever since, the disappearance of the famous car has been a total mystery. Art Recovery International CEO Christopher A. Marinello owns a firm that tracks down valuable items that have gone missing. His company has been on the hunt for the Aston Martin for more than a decade. Marinello has searched for the “Holy Grail” of cars for years, but he’s fairly certain he knows where it’s located these days.

He thinks the Aston Martin made popular by 007 is in the Middle East. In addition, Marinello thinks one of the top car collectors in the world has it in his possession.

“If I’m right, it’s part of a collection of around 4,000 vehicles,” Marinello said.

Further, Marinello is not accusing the current owner of stealing the famous car. Instead, he says the owner more than likely doesn’t even know that the Aston Martin is a stolen vehicle.

“These sorts of people buy a lot of luxury items, often without going through due diligence. And when they find out something is stolen, they think they’re above the law and that it’s not their problem. But it is their problem,” Marinello explained.

Marinello hopes to discreetly speak with the current owner to work out a deal for the Aston Martin’s return.